About ECAO


The Ethiopian Community Association of Ottawa is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the diverse ethnic and cultural community of Ethiopians in Ottawa. In 2019 a new team of board members were elected into office. They have spent the past year restructuring the organization and expanding its networks. We urge members of the community to volunteer and collaborate with us as we continue to grow. Please visit our volunteer page to sign up.

For further information email: ethiopiansinottawa@gmail.com


Our vision is to create a strong and supportive network of Ethiopians and ultimately establish the first Ethiopian community centre in Ottawa.


We value honesty, fairness, equality, critical thinking, participation and cooperation.


Our mission is to bring services to Ethiopian newcomers and the diaspora in the native languages that they are familiar with including Amharic, Afar, Tigrinya, Oromifa, and more as we grow our membership and network.