Membership to the Ethiopian Community Association of Ottawa is now open. Are you a resident of Ottawa? Would you like to participate in community meetings and the voting process at ECAO? Please fill out the membership application below and you will receive an email confirmation shortly.

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Benefits of Membership


Have your voice and perspective heard in important community conversations facilitated by ECAO and during the voting process at AGMs (annual general meetings). Contribute to the planning process of our programs, activities and long term goal of opening an Ethiopian community centre in Ottawa.

Networking and Opportunity:

Become a part of a larger community and benefit from sharing, exchanging, and collaborating with other Ethiopians in Ottawa. Connect to the network of businesses and nonprofits in Ottawa that are owned or operated by Ethiopians. Keep up to date with job postings, scholarships and grant opportunities available for our community.

Community Building:

As a member of ECAO, there will be numerous occasions for you to participate in social activities, skills workshops, sports, holiday events, and more. Complete your volunteer hours by joining our committees and event teams. Regardless of what you are doing or what you are involved in, being a part of a community will have a social component that we all need as humans, and will be sure to entertain and be fun.

Cultural Preservation:

From 1980-1990 only 9,112 Ethiopian immigrants entered Canada. Since then, our newcomer and diaspora community has grown rapidly. Through our deep traditions of storytelling ECAO is working to pass down our history, knowledge and culture to the next generation.